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we care


we advise


we implement


we mentor

Our proposed approach to interact with you

CYSSME’s approach is to become a Cybersecurity partner for SMEs over time, offering solutions and services which are needed for your company, built on existing technical platforms and solutions in the market, but adopted to the needs and requirements of Small and Medium sized companies. There will not only be a focus on ease of use and a simplified use friendly GUI, but also to find the right product fit to the challenge you are facing. These challenges we understand from you and from your peers. We have a sector / industry focus and learnings from companies with similar levels of maturity and experience or size as your company. There will be five (5) consecutive steps, to which any company or SME can step in to, at any given time:

These five steps are how we will be going about in interacting with you and your team in maturing your cybersecurity activities of your micro enterprise, small and medium sized company.

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Step 1 : We Listen

We try to understand your business, your challenges and risks, your people and infrastructures. By trying to understand your products and services, business model, customers and related, we seek to fit cybersecurity approaches to it. We don’t do cybersecurity by itself.

Step 2 : We Care

SAbout your values, people, teams and your social fabrics with partners and relations. We also care about your regulatory environment and compliance needs. We try to ensure a cybersecurity strategy that aligns to this, in continuous interactions. We also care about your business moving forward, and don’t want to have cybersecurity interfering, but instead strategically supporting it.

Step 3 : We Advise.

Step 3 : We Advise. We try to improve your cybersecurity maturity by advising on the basis of many years of experiences, gained expertise in cybersecurity technology, best practices and many other SMEs and large companies we have been assisting over the years. We advise, you decide. Sometimes that doesn’t match. No hard feelings. Our door stay open, we continue and you can get back to us anytime. Once you would like to consider our advise, we start to implement together, and we support you in the operations of it.

Step 4 : We Implement

IIt is about people, processes and technology. In that order, not the reverse. We realize that sometimes you don’t have the people or your teams are not yet fully up to speed. We adopt the policies and procedures, so the processes can be put in place to make it work. Technologies might need to come in first, because of the outside and inside security risks inherent to your business, in case we try to find temporary solutions to ensure people and processes follow. We do implementation into your environments, either direct or with partners. Also your existing partners.

Step 5 : We Mentor

We need you to take charge over this over time, make cybersecurity a part of your day to day activities and operations. This way, you will have matured significantly. We’re not expecting you to be cybersecurity experts, but you will be mentored towards taking the necessary actions and monitoring controls to master your own cybersecurity.