The first step is always the hardest. Cybersecurity resources are scarce and so are yours. Let’s not waste any time, and either get in touch, prepare your own self-assessment, or just get started by setting the first steps of threat modelling and defining guidelines.

  1. Get to know yourself : identify threats and risks, get a complete picture of your assets
  2. Contact us, by filling in the following form (EN) or you can immediately go and …
  3. Take some time to do the cyssme self-assessment on the CYSSME self-assessment platform. Choose one of the available and appropriate self-assessment models (cyberfundamental small, basic or the CYSSME assessment).
  4. Prioritize on the basis of its results, a risk analysis and / or threat model.
  5. Get actionable, find internally some colleagues to support you so we can move faster,
  6. Ask our support, both advisory, technical implemenations, solutions guidance, management and team support, trainings and educational materials,
  7. Test, learn and start over

In the following pages, we’ll further indicate how to get started and taking the first steps.

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