LSEC – Leaders In Security (coordinator)

LSEC – Leaders In Security is an internationally renowned Digital Security Catalyst, a not for profit organization that has the objective to promote Information Security and the expertise in BeNeLux and Europe. Founded by the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), supported by the Flemish Government Ageny for Enterpeneurship and Innovation and the European Commission Horizon and Digital Europe programs, LSEC is leading a unique PAN European Private partnership that interacts with Public Institutions, LSEC connects security industry experts, research institutes and universities, government agencies, end users, funding bodies and technical experts who are driving national and European research agendas. LSEC activities aim to raise cyber security awareness, support innovation and competitiveness of the European Digital Security market and promote the visibility of its members. –

Unizo (in Dutch)

Established more than 100 years ago, UNIZO (Organisation for the Self-Employed and SMEs) is the largest Flemish organisation for self-employed entrepreneurs and champions the interests of these entrepreneurs.UNIZO has over 82,000 members including craftsmen, service providers, liberal professions, companies in the commerce and distribution (retail) sectors as well as 423 local branches (one in every municipality, managed by volunteers). Most of them are located in the northern and Dutch-speaking part of Belgium (region of Flanders and Brussels). We champion the interests of SMEs during every phase of the development of the company, whether prior to the establishment of the company or of a company that operates in the international market.


L3CE have combined the members from academia and business, and established first national center of excellence in the fields of cybersecurity and fighting cybercrime while at the same time joining the international Cybercrime Centers of Excellence Network for Training Research and Education. This network unites more than ten centers from various countries throughout European Union and enables access for law enforcement agencies to the network’s resources (training programs, forensic tools, and other advanced inventions created by scientists and researchers) which are then employed in cybercrime investigations. Institutions of European Union, Europol, Joint Research Centre, and E.C.T.E.G coordinate the actions of the network and actively promote and maintain scientific programs to enhance public safety.


Cross-Border Commerce Europe is the EU Retail business accelerator providing valuable information and partner connections for companies that want to start or scale their cross-border e-trading within, from and to Europe. This positioning is unique on the EU market. Cross-Border Commerce Europe,, has become the recognised publishing, research and event group on EU Commerce business intelligence. This fast growing knowledge and network platform boosts the International C-Level Retail executives’ community from 9000+ companies. Members and partners of this European platform have access to bi-annual Cross-Border C-Suite events, quarterly Cross-Border eCommerce market research reports, weekly industry insights newsletter, blog and knowledge center with global benchmarking.


ABLE believes that all Companies have the right to be connected in a safe, reliable and affordable way to the Internet to use it. AXS GUARD is a complete platform that contains everything to protect People, Network Infrastructure and Applications against the complex and advanced threats on the Internet Today, Tomorrow and in the future. AXS GUARD is rock solid, very mature and for more than 20 years, we serve our customers with high quality internet security solutions, something to be proud of. With AXS Guard, an all-in-one and scalable cybersecurity platform, your network, data and applications remain protected against these threats.

A powerful Software-as-a-Service cyber security risk identification and management platform that puts you in control of your internal and third-party security risks. Building on years of cyber security experience in financial institutions, big consultancy firms and data-drive software companies, the Ceeyu team were able to analyze, understand and respond to these needs for increased cyber security. Today Ceeuy consists out of an affordable and easy-to-use solution for TPRM (Third-Party Risk Management), ASM (Attack Surface Management), using automatically generated security scores and centrally managed compliance questionnaires. Ceeyu scans and assesses the digital footprint of organizations and their 3rd party connections to expose cyber security risks. With user-friendly automated scans, intelligent search technologies and centralized compliance questionnaires you get clear security insights on your attack surfaces that let you concentrate on an efficient security strategy.


Lupasafe is a platform for SME’s cybersecurity, audit and compliance. A transparent dashboard of risks right across people, technology and processes puts users in control of their risks. This enables immediate insights and action on security, and provides IT auditors with the steps to ISA315 and NIS2 compliance.  From phishing testing and dark web scanning to monitoring devices, networks, and the cloud, Lupasafe gives SME’s confidence in their cyber defences.


nocode-x by co-dex allows creating secure webapplication, with a  platform that abstracts away all technical details so that you can focus on building value fast! Nocode-x takes security measures like encryption, auditing, dependency scanning, etc… without you even noticing it, in order to start building highly secured app completely worry free and focus on creating value! With the no-code template editor,  there is complete freedom to place no-code components anywhere you want on a page. Styling those components to look exactly how you want them to look. You have the ability to create your own components, of course without having to write a single line of code!

Cyber Trust Austria

Cyber Trust Austria is the Austrian Label for Cybersecurity. It is based on the Cyber Risk Rating Scheme which was developed by Kompetenzzentrum Sicheres Österreich (Austrian Security Board) in cooperation with KSV1870 (Austria’s largest Rating Agency). There are three quality levels and labels accordingly. With the review environment we are able to deliver higher quality for a lower budget. with the Cyber Trust label that you have your cyber security under control and become a more reliable business partner.

BA – Better Access

BA participates in the Belgian-Flanders based SME CyberSecurity Improvement trajectories service offerings, bringing tons of SME-implementation expertise. BA is a consultancy company that is involved in conceptualizing, building, managing and troubleshooting IT, network and security solutions. Based on more than 10 years of experience, our consultants provide your organization with the necessary knowledge and solutions to develop a reliable, secure ICT infrastructure. BA stands for no-nonsense service, flexibility and expertise. Our independence from hardware and software suppliers guarantees a flawless and cost-efficient IT infrastructure tailored to our customers. BA offers IT solutions and is a service company for companies, SMEs and public institutions. Our portfolio of solutions is built around enterprise mobility, security, virtualization and digitization of information. Our experienced team and helpdesk are always ready to provide creative advice. The company has ten technically highly trained employees who develop IT projects conceptually and technically realize them. Our great asset is the implementation and integration of tailor-made solutions. BA’s advisors provide tactical and strategic recommendations on IT investments.


Toreon participates in the Belgian-Flanders based SME CyberSecurity Improvement trajectories service offerings, bringing tons of SME-implementation expertise. Toreon identifies cyber risks in organizations and help to eliminate them. As an independent party, Toreon stands for trust in our integrity and expertise. It selects the best solutions for security, customized to the company needs. The Toreon mission for its customers is to make working together in the digital world much safer. Every Toreon practice is led by seasoned grey-haired consultants allowing us to excel on even the most difficult assignments.eople are driven by knowledge and focused on collaboration. Through coaching and training we don’t just increase your security level, but grow the internal expertise within your organization.


Back in 2012 Exalens’ founders, working across Industry and Academia, discovered first-hand how the technology landscape was shifting. Increasing connectivity and automation between computer systems and physical machines was leading to greater and very real risk of cybersecurity compromise, that would not only affect computer systems, but also have the potential to create significant adverse effect in the physical world, threatening critical infrastructure that protects our very way of life. Exalens is excelling in convergence of cyber and physical behaviour monitoring, with the use of AI, helps to shift cybersecurity balance, by automatically spotting and distinguishing cyber, physical and cyber-physical threats faster and more accurately than either alone. Armed with this insight and understanding its ramifications for securely enabling connected-industry and cyber-physical systems.