The Uptake Of Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions


  • Support the adoption of market-ready innovative cybersecurity solutions, including solutions developed in the framework of EU-supported research and innovation projects.
  • Provide and deploy up to date tools and services to organisations (in particular SMEs) to prepare, protect and respond to cybersecurity threats.
  • Improve the security of open-source solutions (e.g. establishment of bug bounty programmes).


To support the market uptake and dissemination of innovative cybersecurity solutions (notably from SMEs, as well as results from publicly-funded research in the EU), improve knowledge, and auditing of cybersecurity preparedness.Scope:

The focus will be on improving cybersecurity capabilities across the EU, notably for SMEs and public organisations, through both supply and demand support measures. This may include awareness raising measures (where relevant in line with activities promoted by ENISA), or marketplace platforms supporting interaction between suppliers and adopters of cybersecurity solutions and training.

The types of tools covered must include at least one of the following:

  • Cybersecurity protection services;
  • Auditing of cybersecurity resilience of equipment and services;
  • Security testing tools including static-analysis code scanning tools;
  • Cybersecurity investigation tools, tracing the origins of cybersecurity threats;
  • Incident response tools that fit into general operational and management cybersecurity strategies;
  • Support to Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure, in line with national policies where relevant;
  • Funding and support for projects that improve and/or audit open source software, with regard to cybersecurity;
  • Support for hackathons, cybersecurity challenges and conferences, and for engaging with relevant stakeholders including software development communities;
  • Support to awareness raising, prevention, education, training, and gender balance in cybersecurity.

CYSSME, amongst 18 other projects were selected under this program.

The following were other projects selected.