The following European projects offer support to SMEs in Europe on Cybersecurity. If you cannot find your interested support within CYSSME, maybe some others might be of interest.

Enhancing Security of European SMEs in Response to Cybersecurity ThreatsSECUR-EU101128029
CyberSecurity and Data Protection for Small, Medium and Micro EnterprisesCYSSME101128101
Excalibur – Accelerating the market uptake of cybersecurity tools and services by SMEs and public organisations through training and deployment of innovative passwordless MFA and PAM solutions.Excalibur101127965
Uptake of Innovative APPlication Security SolutionsAPPtake101128082
Boosting cyber resilience of critical infrastructure in the water sector through innovative and co-created competence building by consortium partners and their suppliers.ATHENA101127970
advaNced cybErsecurity awaReness ecOsystem for SMEsNERO101127411
Applying Security in Cyber Landscape of the European Union’s Pharma distribution system to Innovate and Unify the ecoSystemASCLEPIUS101127583
Cybersecurity for Resilient Software DevelopmentCONSOLE101128070
Autonomous SOC – AI to design workflows orchestrating any products used by an enterprise.MINDFLOW-03-UPTAKE101128109
Cybersesurity market assurance and insurance-as-a-serviceERMIS101128013
VNET Threat Perception PlatformVTPP101128069
Enhancing Cybersecurity Services for the Luxembourgish Research and Education communityLuCySe4RE101127864
Next Generation Security Operator Training InfrastructureNGSOTI101127921
Defend Iceland: Nationwide bug bounty platformICEDEF101127307
Modular, open, research platform integrating SIEM, NOC, SOC, CTI and Vulnerability ManagementSIEMBIOT101127939
CISO AS A SERVICECISO as a service101127962
Threat Modeling Open Community for DevelopersIRIUSCOMMED101128104
ThreatChase – an Open Platform for Protection against PhishingThreatChase101128042