Cybersecurity and Data Protection for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (CYSSME) is a European Digital Europe Programme (DEP) supported activity, which started in December 2023 and runs for three years.

CYSSME considers that Cybersecurity challenges for companies and independents in Europe can be solved with existing European-originated products, solutions, technologies, methodologies, policies and processes. The process of providing these to SMEs needs to be innovated.

CYSSME intends to facilitate access to these technologies by matching the available components based on a preselected series of European-originated and operated Cybersecurity Solutions that holistically connect multiple technology layers and upon supported installation can be autonomously maintained by the Micro, Small or Medium Enterprise (ME / SME). The majority of solutions collected have been supported by Europe or European Member States through research and development or innovation funding.

CYSSME is built upon the already existing Cybersecurity Solutions Framework which connects to a Cybersecurity application store containing both Open Source and commercially available technologies. CYSSME considers the needs and requirements of every individual MEs and SMEs (demand-driven) rather than for SMEs to try to discover their best solution based on an uninformed and non-expert decision, without any further support or guidance. It is our believe that there is no such a thing as “an” ME or SME, and that only a very targeted approach to most companies will be advancing their state of cybersecurity.

Every company is unique, as it consists of one or multiple individuals trying to differentiate their organization. Of course, all companies at some point in time will need to transform at least partial to digital, but for every company that entails something completely different: while for some enterprises a digital transformation means taking their customers on a digital journey, others will aim to support their internal processes and adapt their manufacturing processes to gain an additional effectivity improvement of 5%. CYSSME tries to understand the needs and requirements of every single micro-, small and medium sized enterprise by evolving from a starting cybersecurity and privacy assessment to continuous assistance, and continuous posture assessments, and solutions tailored to individual needs.

CYSSME aims to 1) deploy solutions developed by European CyberSecurity SMEs which have been supported by European research programs or European Member State research programs and support there uptake, to 2) serve the CyberSecurity needs of targeted European SMEs mainly in the domains of commerce, industry and highly innovative developments in Europe, with a focus on SMEs in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany and the Baltic states. Carefully selected SMEs will be taken on a journey after an intake discussion and a preliminary high level CyberSecurity assessment, with a number of highly experienced CyberSecurity experts. A more in-depth CyberSecurity maturity assessment will be held with a number of target company representatives, trying to ensure a proper situational insight that will serve as a baseline. A CyberSecurity mentor will be assigned to the company and a roadmap to CyberSecurity improvements will be proposed, with specific implementations, timelines and milestones including solutions, advisory, training and knowledge transfer allowing the company to become self-sufficient in a timeframe of 3 to 6 months – depending on the situation.

Want to know more? Can we help? We first use our funds from the Digital Europe Cybersecurity Support Program. This is not a commercial offering, but a support action to improve Europe’s Cybersecurity overall, starting with Micro, Small and Medium sized companies. Get in touch and allow us to support you!