It's not all about tech. We love to hear your story. 


CYSSME is interested in helping you grow your business 

end goals

Cybersecure your team, your operations, or supply chain 


NIS/2,  CRA, ISO, GDPR, ... our experts lead you the way. 

CyberSecurity Maturity Improvement

Are you just starting a Cybersecurity journey, or have you already been building up expertise and competences, skills and technologies. CYSSME supports both. 

Cybersecurity is a process!

Supported by people and technologies, you can improve your situation. We can help you identify where, how and define priorities. CYSSME can support in making the right choices, setting the priorities and getting actionable on what needs to be done. 

You're in control, always!

Always. Do you prefer working with your already selected set of technologies, or do you like us to tag along our Cybersecurity appliances, assessment tools, compliance management capabilities, .... in the end, once we're gone, you'll have to starting operating everything yourselves - or at least starting to take over?

Become peers!

Once we ran your company together through a Cybersecurity improvement process, we would like to use our joint story as a reference case to inspire others, to showcase where both small and major changes could make a difference. By presenting the use cases, we want to share experiences and provide confidence on achievable results. 

Reference Cases

CYSSME is looking for different representative Micro-enterprises, Small and Medium Businesses in different industries. Are you in food processing, metal production, furniture design, ... and you would like to mature your Cybersecurity, you're what we're looking for. Contact us.  

Our Offering

The following is a snapshot of current services, capabilities and technologies CYSSME has to offer to Micro enterprises and SMEs:

Network and End Point Security

AXS Guard is an internet security platform, an appliance that can immediately protect the local network and computers. 

Third Party Risk

Ceeyu's Attack Surface indicates your and your suppliers vulnerabilities, in a similar way than what a hacker would see. Get visibility over your Third Party Security.

Compliance Management

Lupasafe provides a dashboard and underlying tools that can provide you insight and oversight over the challenges your organisation is facing from phishing to vulnerabilities. Be prepared for NIS2.

Industrial and IoT 

Solutions are not limited to office environments. Exalens provides a mechanism allowing for detecting, monitoring and controling industrial appliances and IoT. Know what's not going as expected  and take action! 

De Europese Commissie heeft het nieuw opgerichte samenwerkingsverband CYSSME opgenomen in haar financieringsprogramma Digitaal Europa. CYSSME krijgt […]